Youth Group Fitness

As part of your child’s membership, the Rouse Center offers group fitness classes for youth members ages 5 – 13.  Class types vary and we try to keep it fun and exciting!  Weekdady classes begins at 4:30pm and are 40 minutes long. Space is limited, plan to arrive early.


Drums Alive Kids – This awesome class combines fun enegertic moves with powerful drum beats.

Fit Kidz – A super fun combination of dance, games and drumming designed specifically designed for little ones.

Kids In Motion – This class is guaranteed to get your adolescent moving with cardio exercise, resistance training and fitness games.

Zumba Kids – A fitness party just for Kids!  Same great Zumba music with kid-friendly routines.  We break down the steps, add games and watch your youngsters dance away!

Fit Youth Aqua Fitness – These aquatic fitness classes are designed just for youth ages 10-14 and are done on a seasonal basis, usually in the winter through March.  This shallow water exercise class provides a great cardiovascular and muscle conditioning workout with reduced impact on your joints.  Space is limited.  These classes are conducted by Stafford County Parks and Rec and are FREE to Rouse Center members!  Non-members may also participate by purchasing a pass from the County Representative at the table poolside just prior to class.  Cost is $7/class or a 10-class pass for $40.