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60 Day Slim




Teams will be announced both via email and at our team meeting Saturday, January 20th at 9:00AM.  If you cannot be in attendance you must weigh in prior to January 23rd to be eligible. Your team captain (JRSSC Personal Trainer) will be there to welcome you to the team, set you up with your initial fitness consult, and provide you with key dates throughout the program including team trainings.


The winning team will be the team with the greatest average percent body weight lost (Average of each team member’s percent weight lost from start to finish). Participants’ weights and percent weight loss information will not be shared with others on the team or others in the challenge. Also, at each weigh-in we recommend wearing the same outfit, however, you must wear only a shirt (no jacket, coat, sweater), fitness shorts/pants, socks/nylons (no shoes), and with empty pockets (no keys, cell phones, etc.). Weight should be recorded to the nearest ¼ pound.  The same scale will be used each time. You may weigh-in at any time of the day but to be consistent we recommend weighing in at the same time each week. A fitness assistant must perform your weigh-in and initial on the Weight Loss Tracking Form for it to be official. If you are unable to weigh in at the Rouse Center during the given dates below you can weigh-in at the Rouse Center, however, not later. 



Drop Outs: Although all “60 Day Slim” participants should initially commit to the entire 60 days, in the event a participant drops out during the challenge, their previous weigh-in weight will be entered as their final weight.