Member Spotlight

Posted December 1, 2019

Additional Comments:

Just a little over a year ago I had my annual physical. I was just shy of my 54th birthday and was at my heaviest weight. Aside from feeling tired all the time, it seemed like everything was going wrong in my body. I was not aging gracefully. As a matter of fact, I felt OLD. I was not taking care of myself. I was making excuses and procrastinating. I realized at that moment that I needed to make a change in my life to ensure that I had a healthy future. I made an announcement to my husband that “THIS is the year of ME!” I made a PROMISE to myself that I was going to take care of myself.

After focusing on my diet for a few months, I knew that I needed to incorporate exercise to build strength and mobility. I signed up for the weight loss and fitness challenge in January of 2019. When I started exercising with the group, I felt intimidated and self-conscious. I could barely get up and down off the floor. I couldn’t do jumping jacks. I was winded. Ron Golden’s training style was just what I needed. He made it challenging, but not so difficult that I felt like quitting. He encouraged me to push myself, but also incorporated modifications that allowed me to build strength and ability each week.

I met some great people during that challenge, and we continued with Ron for another 12 weeks in a small group fitness setting. I needed that extra time to ensure that I was building a consistent habit that I would stick with. I now have workout buddies that I meet up with at the gym a few mornings a week which has been great!