Fitness Floor + Group Exercise Schedule

Posted February 26, 2020
We have some exciting additions to our group fitness schedules this month. Even with the additions, we are still having members register and not show up to classes, or show up late. Beginning this month, when you register for a class, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start time of the class. If you are not set up and ready to go when your instructor begins, your spot will be given to someone waiting. When members come late, it disrupts the class and affects others, and we want classes to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Our goal is not to punish anyone but we want to fill empty spaces for those who are here and can participate. We want everyone to enjoy our group fitness classes.
Thank you.
Please see the chart and schedule below to confirm availability.  We appreciate your patience.  Thank you.
  • Please note – Saturdays from 8am-1pm the auxiliary fitness floor (GYM/BASKETBALL COURT) will be closed for the Lil Kickers program. This decision is based on space constraints and safety and we understand it is not ideal. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.


March 30th – “A”  Day      March 31st “B”  Day





Week of April 12- April 18


Sunday, April 18
Sunday Apr 18 @ 815am: Cycle Sunday Apr 18 @930am: Cycle Sunday Apr 18 @1030am: Yoga


Week of April 19- April 25
Monday, April 19
Monday Apr 19 @515am: Cycle Monday Apr 19 @8am: Muscle Matters Monday Apr 19 @915am: Burn Monday Apr 19 @915am: Cycle Monday Apr 19 @1115am: 4 Ever Fit Monday Apr 19 @530pm: Strength & Core Monday Apr 19 @630pm: Cycle Monday Apr 19 @730pm: Evening Release Yoga


Tuesday, April 20
Tuesday Apr 20 @8am: Step Tuesday Apr 20 @915am: Cycle Tuesday Apr 20 @915am: Rock Solid Tuesday Apr 20 @1115am: Yoga Tuesday Apr 20 @530pm: Cycle Tuesday Apr 20 @630pm: AMPD Strength


Wednesday, April 21
Wednesday Apr 21 @915am: Cycle Wednesday Apr 21 @915am: Kettlebell AMPD Wednesday Apr 21 @1015am: Muscle Matters Wednesday Apr 21 @1115am: Move It Wednesday Apr 21 @515pm: AMPD Fusion Wednesday Apr 21 @615pm: Outdoor Bootcamp Wednesday Apr 21 @630pm: Cycle
Thursday, April 22
Thursday Apr 22 @515am: Cycle Thursday Apr 22 @915am: Cycle Thursday Apr 22 @915am: Kettlebell AMPD Thursday Apr 22 @1115am: Yoga Thursday Apr 22 @530pm: Cycle Thursday Apr 22 @630pm: MIXXEDFIT


Friday, April 23
Friday Apr 23 @ 8am: Cycle Friday Apr 23 @915am: Cardio Barre Friday Apr 23 @ 1015am: Move It Friday Apr 23 @1115a: Zumba Gold Friday Apr 23 @ 530pm: Zumba


Saturday, April 24
Saturday Apr 24 @ 815am: Cycle Saturday Apr 24 @ 815am: Bootcamp Saturday Apr 24 @ 930am: Cycle Saturday Apr 24 @ 1030am: Yoga


Sunday, April 25
Sunday Apr 25 @ 815am: Cycle Sunday Apr 25 @930am: Cycle Sunday Apr 25 @1030am: Yoga