Pool Schedules

Posted March 8, 2020

Swim Meet This Weekend, Pool Hours Affected April 16th-18th

Sunday, April 18th: The Competition and Recreation Pool will be Closed 6:30 AM – 3:30 PM. The pools will open early and be available for Lap Swimming from 5 AM – 6:30 AM as well as 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM (Recreation Pool Only in the Afternoon)


Lap Swim Schedule

The Diving Boards will remain Closed during Phase 3 except for scheduled events. 

April 12-18 Lap Schedule

April 19 – 25 Lap Schedule

Wellness Pool Schedule

April 2021 Wellness

May through June 13 Wellness

Swim Meet Schedule

April 17 – 18

April 30 – May 2

May 7 – 9

May 14 – 16

June 4 – 6

July 9 – 11

***We will be following all Virginia and USA Swimming Guidelines in addition to the Virginia Department of Health. During Swim Meets, the Pool area will be closed during these times to allow plenty of spacing and time to clean before, during, and after the sessions. We have heavily restricted the number of swimmers allowed to swim in accordance with gathering restrictions from the State of Virginia. All swimmers will enter the facility through the side entrance pool doors, be prescreened before entering, and masks are mandatory unless swimming. All swimmers will come to the facility in their suits and will not have access to the locker rooms. Swimmers will be allowed to use restrooms in the Wet Corridor. Swimmers will be socially distanced and have designated seating. There will be no spectators allowed in the building and we will livestream the event through Facebook.


Splash Pad Reservations

Only family members attached to the same membership may use the space during an individual reservation.

Only one reservation per family per day. Non-members are unable to reserve splash pad space during the current format. 


SUNDAY: April 18 – Closed for Swim Meet


MONDAY: April 19 

Monday 8am – 8:55am

Monday 9am – 9:55am

Monday 10am – 10:55am

Monday 11am – 11:55am

Monday Noon – 12:55pm

Monday 1pm – 1:55pm

Monday @ 2pm – 2:55pm

Monday 3pm – 3:55pm

Monday 4pm – 4:55pm

Monday 5pm – 5:55pm

Monday 6pm – 6:55pm

Monday 7pm – 7:55pm

Monday 8pm – 8:45pm


TUESDAY: April 20 

Tuesday 8am – 8:55am

Tuesday 9am – 9:55am

Tuesday 10am – 10:55am

Tuesday 11am – 11:55am

Tuesday Noon – 12:55pm

Tuesday 1pm – 1:55pm

Tuesday 2pm – 2:55pm

Tuesday 3pm – 3:55pm

Tuesday 4pm – 4:55pm

Tuesday 5pm – 5:55pm

Tuesday 6pm – 6:55pm

Tuesday 7pm – 7:55pm

Tuesday 8pm – 8:45pm


WEDNESDAY: April 21 

Wednesday 8am – 8:55am

Wednesday 9am – 9:55am

Wednesday 10am – 10:55am


Wednesday 11am – 11:55am

Wednesday Noon – 12:55pm

Wednesday 1pm – 1:55pm

Wednesday 2pm – 2:55pm

Wednesday 3pm – 3:55pm

Wednesday 4pm – 4:55pm

Wednesday 5pm – 5:55pm

Wednesday 6pm – 6:55pm

Wednesday 7pm – 7:55pm

Wednesday 8pm – 8:45pm



THURSDAY: April 22 

Thursday 8am – 8:55am

Thursday 9am – 9:55am

Thursday 10am – 10:55am

Thursday 11am – 11:55am

Thursday Noon – 12:55pm

Thursday 1pm – 1:55pm

Thursday 2pm – 2:55pm

Thursday 3pm – 3:55pm

Thursday 4pm – 4:55pm

Thursday 5pm – 5:55pm

Thursday 6pm – 6:55pm

Thursday 7pm – 7:55pm

Thursday 8pm – 8:45pm



FRIDAY: April 23 

Friday 8am – 8:55am

Friday 9am – 9:55am

Friday 10am – 10:55am

Friday 11am – 11:55am

Friday Noon – 12:55pm

Friday 1pm – 1:55pm

Friday 2pm – 2:55pm

Friday 3pm – 3:55pm

Friday 4pm – 4:55pm

Friday 5pm – 5:55pm

Friday 6pm – 6:55pm

Friday 7pm – 7:55pm

Friday 8pm – 8:45pm

SATURDAY: April 24

Saturday 8am – 8:55am

Saturday 9am – 9:55am

Saturday 10am – 10:55am

Saturday 11am – 11:55am

Saturday Noon – 12:55pm

Saturday 1pm – 1:55pm

Saturday 2pm – 2:55pm

Saturday 3pm – 3:55pm

Saturday 4pm – 4:45pm” 

SUNDAY: April 25

Sunday 8am – 8:55am

Sunday 9am – 9:55am

Sunday 10am – 10:55am

Sunday 11am – 11:55am

Sunday Noon – 12:55pm

Sunday 1pm – 1:55pm

Sunday 2pm – 2:55pm

Sunday 3pm – 3:55pm

Sunday 4pm – 4:45pm