Water Aerobics Schedules

Posted June 16, 2020

July 2020 Water Ex Schedule

Please select the Water Group Ex class below to register and reserve your spot. Registration will open for the week on Sundays @ 12am and Water Group Exercise classes are for members only.

If you register for a class and are unable to attend, please call the Rouse Center (540.318.6332) and let us know so that another member may be able to fill the spot. We appreciate your patience during these times!


Thursday July 9 @ 830am: Aqua Circuit (D) Thursday July 9 @ 7pm: Aqua Circuit (S)


Friday July 10 @ 8am: Aqua Blast (S) Friday July 10 @ 10am: Tabata (D)


Saturday July 11 @ 8am: Splash Fit (S)


Monday July 13 @ 8am: Aqua Blast (S) Monday July 13 @ 7pm: Splash Fit (D)


Tuesday July 14 @ 830am: Aqua Bootcamp (S) Tuesday July 14 @ 10am: Deep (D) Tuesday July 14 @ 6pm: Tabata (S)


Wednesday July 15 @ 530am: Deep (D) Wednesday July 15 @ 8am: Aqua Blast (S) Wednesday July 15 @ 10am: Splash Fit (D)


Thursday July 16 @ 830am: Aqua Circuit (D) Thursday July 16 @ 7pm: Aqua Circuit (S)


Friday July 17 @ 8am: Aqua Blast (S) SUMMER SPLASH BRUNCH


Saturday July 18 @ 8am: Deep (D)