Fitness Floor + Group Exercise Schedule

Posted September 2, 2020
Please see the chart and schedule below to confirm availability.  We appreciate your patience.  Thank you.





Please select the Group Exercise class below to register and reserve your spot. Registration will open for the week on Sundays at 12 am. Group Exercise classes are for members only, ages 14+. If you register for a class and are unable to attend, please call the Rouse Center (540.318.6332) and let us know so that another member may be able to fill the spot. We appreciate your patience during these times!

CLICK HERE for SEPTEMBER 2020 Group Exercise Schedule


Week of September 21- September 27


Wednesday Sept 23 @915am: Cycle Wednesday Sept 23 @1115am: Move It Wednesday Sept 23 @ 530pm: AMPD Fusion Wednesday Sept 23 @630pm: Cycle


Thursday Sept 24 @915am: Cycle Thursday Sept 24 @915am: Kettlebell AMPD Thursday Sept 24 @1115am: Yoga Thursday Sept 24 @530pm: Cycle Thursday Sept 24 @630pm: MIXXEDFIT Thursday Sept 24 @730pm: Evening Release Yoga


Friday Sept 25 @915am: Cycle Friday Sept 25 @915am: Cardio Barre


Saturday Sept 26 @ 815am: Cycle Saturday Sept 26 @815am: Bootcamp Saturday Sept 26 @930am: Cycle Saturday Sept 26 @1030am: Yoga Saturday Sept 26 @ 1pm: Family Dance Party


Sunday Sept 27 @930am: Cycle