Junior Fitness

Price: $$70 for members; $85 for non-members
Junior Fitness is a 4-session program offered to youth 11 – 15 years of age.
The goal of our program is to:

*Create a solid foundation of fitness and wellness.

*Invest a future of healthy living.

*Provide a safe and mature environment for all of our members within our facility.



No refunds. A Rouse credit may be issued if a refund is warranted. An exception can be made in certain cases. These cases will be reviewed by the program director. Upon approval, the refund will be processed in 7-10 business days. All Cash refunds will be processed as a check. Credit Card refunds will only be processed back onto the original card of use. **For further information on course policies and graduating the class please see our policies sheet in the following link:



$70 per student member

$85 per student non-member




The program length of Junior Fitness is 4 sessions total, offered 2x/week for 2 weeks.  The duration of the classes will be approximately 75 minutes with 25 minutes of discussion and 40-45 minutes of exercise activity.

This program will consist of the following topics:

Activity Discussion
Day 1 Introduction to Fitness

Cardio Equipment

Benefits of Cardio
Day 2 Strength Machines Muscles and Movement
Day 2  Cable Machines Sugar and more!
Day 3 TRX Bodyweight Training Healthy Eating
Day 3 Circuit Training Fitness Center Etiquette
Day4 Making Your Own Workout Final