Are you looking for a new activity? Why not give karate lessons a try? Increase your daily focus, confidence, flexibility and strength all within a frame work that provides practical and effective self-defense. By learning karate you will learn a useful skill that helps you stay in shape, develops discipline and better concentration.
Participants will be introduced to basic techniques, including, blocking, parrying, punching, kicking, tai sabaki (proper body movement), zanshin (martial focus), taking kuzushi (unbalancing an opponent), proper breathing, and protecting one’s vital points. Once these basic principles are understood, the student will then be introduced to kata, which are pre-arranged defensive and offensive body movements. Additionally, two person drills, throws, and joint locks will be taught as students’ progress in their learning.

8-Week Session     March 27 – May 22, 2020   Fridays 7:30pm   Ages: 8yrs to Adult

Member rate: $75  Non-member rate: $90