Episode 1: Plyoga // Pam

Plyoga is interval training using the benefits of yoga as active recovery for plyometric (reactive) movement.

Episode 2: HIIT // Marissa

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), a form of interval training, is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

Episode 3: Vinyasa Flow // Michelle

Vinyasa is a breath-initiated practice yielding seamless movement from one posture to another

Episode 4: Total Body // Ron

This Total Body Workout is designed to work all the major muscle groups of the body, featuring punching routines workout the upper body, kicks and squats workout the lower body, and side crunches work the core. This workout is done in a Tabata style format with a period of high-intensity work followed by a brief rest. The entire circuit is done in succession with rest and then repeated as many times as desired. This routine also provides an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Episode 5: HIIT & Toning // Sidney

This workout is done in a Tabata style format with a period of high-intensity work followed by active recovery along the way. 

Episode 6: Stability Yoga Flow // Michelle

Strengthen, lengthen, and flow mindfully through yoga poses to decrease muscle tightness and increase joint mobility. 

Episode 7: Barre Express // Carrie

A combination of core conditioning, ballet-inspired strength training, and balance challenges to improve your overall fitness level. 

Episode 8: Kick & Tone // Pam

Join Pam for a synergistic workout to fast-track results using a combination of kickboxing and strength training using dumbbells and resistance bands.

Episode 9: Active Aging // Carrie

Improve your Cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, and balance while training for activities of daily living in this Active Aging class.

Episode 10: Yoga Fusion // Michelle

Pair yoga and pilates together for all of the benefits of cardio, strength, flexibility, and mindful core work

Episode 11: Core Essentials // Carrie

Light up those core muscles and strengthen your body from the center outward. Tone your abdominal and back muscles, and challenge yourself to use your body weight for resistance.

Episode 12: Kick & Tone // Pam

This workout is a combination of kickboxing and strength using dumbbells and resistance bands. It’s a synergistic workout to fast track your results.