Change the way you feel, get healthier and feel stronger with our Virtual Personal Training! Exercise from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room. Our experienced Certified Personal Trainers will build your customized fitness plan, conduct live interactive sessions via Zoom, provide motivation, accountability and additional workouts in between sessions with Myzone technology. Equipment is not required.

Experience the benefits of working with a trained, experienced and certified Trainer with the additional perk of receiving a FREE Myzone belt.



The MYZONE system was built to give you real-time, accurate feedback so that they can meet your goals faster. With 99.4% accuracy to an EKG, you can be confident knowing the numbers you see is a true reflection of the effort you’re putting in. Unlike wrist-based trackers that can’t reward all forms of movement and have been proven to be inaccurate when it comes to step counting and calorie expenditure, MYZONE helps you stay in tune with your body during each workout. This decreases the risk of overworking or not working enough to get the results you want.


With the MYZONE system, trainers monitor client’s exercise efforts and calorie burn during sessions and throughout the week. Trainers can stay connected and check in on their client’s progress and even give feedback, suggestions and motivation throughout the week. Goal-setting is essential for a robust workout plan.

With the Myzone system, trainers can create challenges/goals either based on calorie burn, reaching target heart rate zones and additional workouts in between sessions.  


MYZONE is designed to turn each user’s exercise journey into an interactive and fun experience.

The effort points make workouts fun and motivates individuals to work harder than they were before to stay on track. Social features push clients to stay accountable to meeting their goals because they enjoy sharing milestones with family and friends.  

Who is eligible for Virtual Personal Training?

Anyone can sign up for Virtual Personal Training. If you are a previous Personal Training Client, please contact your Personal Trainer directly to schedule your virtual sessions or email Kathy:  If you are newly interested in Virtual Personal Training, please complete this form.

Do I need to unfreeze my membership to virtually train?

Members with unused Personal Training Sessions can virtually train while their membership is on freeze.

How can I sign up for Virtual Personal Training?

First, complete a Personal Training Inquiry Form. You will then be contacted within 2-3 business days.  The Fitness Director will assist you with purchasing sessions and connecting you with a trainer that’s right for you. Your trainer will then reach out to schedule your first virtual personal training session and work with you to determine the best way to host your virtual personal training session (laptop, iPad, etc.) and assess the equipment and space available in your home in order to customize your experience to best suit your needs.

Can I use my current unused personal training sessions to train virtually?

Yes. Your existing sessions can be used both in the facility and/or virtually.

How much does a Virtual Personal Training session cost?

The cost of a new Intro 4-Pack is $189. An 8-Pack is $359.

What is the duration of a Virtual Personal Training session?

Virtual Personal Training sessions are 50-minutes long.

Where and how can I purchase sessions?

Virtual Personal Training packages are available for purchase here on the website. If you have questions or trouble completing your purchase, please contact Kathy,

How do I schedule a virtual session?

To schedule your virtual training session, please contact your trainer directly via email or text.

Is there a cancellation policy for virtual personal training sessions?

If you need to cancel your upcoming session, please contact your trainer or Personal Training Manager at least 8 hours in advance to avoid being charged for your session.

What happens during my initial consultation?

Prior to your initial Virtual Personal Training session, you will receive a Complimentary Fitness Consultation. During this time, your trainer will reach out to discuss your current at-home setup, including what equipment and space you have access to. Additionally, this is the time for your trainer to learn more about your goals and what you are looking to achieve while training virtually.

Please make sure you disclose any health conditions, pregnancies, or injuries so that your trainer can modify your program accordingly.

How do I prepare? What do I need for my virtual session?

Please make sure you have a computer, iPad, or tablet with camera capabilities. Prior to your session, please make sure that your Wi-Fi is working to ensure optimal connectivity throughout your session. Depending on your setup, you can use the speaker on your device or Bluetooth headphones.

What if I don't have any gym equipment at home?

No equipment is required for your virtual training session. All sessions can be performed using only bodyweight, so no equipment is needed. If you do have access to equipment, your trainer will incorporate it into your program.

Can my trainer see and speak to me?

Yes. Your trainer can see you and speak to you through your camera and microphone on your device. Please make sure to turn on the audio and video settings for your device prior to your session.

Will I get the same kind of workout that I did in the gym?

Yes – in fact, you may find yourself working even harder. But instead of using weight machines, we will use your own body weight, as well as some very inexpensive, simple exercise tools that are extremely effective. Just like in the gym, your trainer demonstrates each exercise for you, then closely monitor your form and technique as you perform it. And just like in the gym, they will ask you for feedback on how you’re feeling, what muscles you can tell are working, and if you experience any pain or discomfort.

What are some of the benefits of virtual coaching?

First, it’s incredibly convenient. No driving required! Beat the rain and the lousy weather.  Instead, you’ll be moments away in the comfort of your own workout space. Second, you can repeat your workouts as many times as you would like at home with the detailed instructions provided.